Zadie jumpsuit

The Zadie jumpsuit is without a doubt one of my favourite patterns. You can see other versions of my makes from this pattern made up here and examples of the top hack here.

For my most recent version, I went with a cotton drill from The Fabric Store for the Zadie below. This garment is perfect for business casual wear and goes perfectly with some of my more playful pieces. I used the wrong side of the fabric it is smooth rather than having a twill weave which makes it easier to keep it fur-free! As per my earlier versions, I added a facing to the front opening instead of a bias bound finish. A tutorial can be found on Katie’s blog.

Last December I previously made the version below in this stunning heavyweight cotton blend. I purchased the fabric at Fabricabrac – I knew I had to make something worthy of such gorgeous suiting fabric.

This garment has been an amazing addition to my wardrobe! I’ve worn it lots both casually or to business meetings. This garment is the same as my original version however I did a full bust adjustment to the front pattern pieces. I was inspired to turn this gorgeous check fabric into a jumpsuit after seeing the one below by Australian designer Viktoria and Woods.

Worn with an Astoria merino sweater

Since having my colours done I’m always on the lookout for the perfect teal green. I saw the fabric below in Spotlight and purchased it for the colour. I haven’t used many fabrics from Spotlight over the years. However, I thought I’d give this linen/cotton blend a chance.

Sadly this fabric is too weak for this style of garment. After a short amount of wear, I noticed the fabric had badly pilled in the inner thighs. After a few more wears it became apparent that the garment didn’t have much more life left in it! I will continue to wear the jumpsuit until it rips but only around the house for fear of public embarrassment. I thought about refashioning it into a top however I didn’t have any leftover fabric and I’m not purchasing anymore! I have seen others complain about the same issue so buy this fabric for a looser garment fitting garment.

Worn with a Holly Bomber Jacket

Another Zadie garment that I made earlier this year was this blouse made from machine embroidered rayon from The Fabric Store. I don’t wear a lot of floral prints but I loved the subtle print and the feminine embroidery. I used premade bias binding around the neckline and added a snap to the front closure. The tutorial is the same as my other versions of the top pattern however I adjusted the pattern for a full bust adjustment.

As you can see the Zadie has been a favourite of mine for a while. I keep finding more reasons to make it as it is so versatile! Perhaps a Zadie dress is in my future. Until then I’m dreaming of a two- tone version at some point.

Until next time happy sewing!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    So Amazing & So beautiful pattern 👗. All dress are so good look. Nice Zadie Jumpsuit. Nice fabric.


  2. Andrea says:

    Hi, am wondering about the jumpsuit as the day wears on – do you find that the ties come away from the seam line where the pants meet the top? I’ve been thinking of adding belt loops, what do you think? Is that a problem on yours?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Andrea! yes sometimes the ties on the grey one rides up a little bit -I think it might be the fabric. It doesn’t worry me but a belt loop might work especially at the center back.


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