Zadie how I love thee

The Zadie jumpsuit is one of my favourite patterns. I’m not alone – this pattern seems to have a lot of adoring fans! This is my second version of the jumpsuit – I have also previously hacked the pattern to make 4 wrap tops.

The pattern has a large size range which is fantastic to see! My jumpsuit is size 14, the same as my first version.  I took my time with this garment as I wanted the finishing to be perfect! I cut the lower part of the legs to make them slimmer and drafted a facing using this tutorial by Joanna. The front crossover does sit a little low, but I don’t mind it. I could add a snap or do a full bust adjustment before I make future versions. I’ll see how I feel about it once it’s had more wear.


I settled on using a wool blend fabric which I sourced from Fabricabrac last year. I found the front opening of my first version of this jumpsuit sat a little bit low so I raised the opening by two inches. I edge-stitched around the ties. It took a little bit of time originally but the stitching will help them to stay flat so there is less ironing after each wash.
I love this pattern and could fill my closet with different versions.


For Me Made May this year I have been experimenting with different ways to style the same garment. It’s been a lot of fun so far! I have gathered lots of new ideas. Here’s three ways to style the Zadie.

Worn with a Kochi Jacket
Worn with a trench style jacket. 
With an Astoria sweater

Isn’t it great when you find a pattern that works?!

Happy sewing


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