Hampton Jean Jacket – the second

I made my first Hampton Jean Jacket back in October 2017 just a couple of years into my sewing journey. I recently decided that I wanted to make a new version of the jacket in indigo denim which was cropped. My topstitching skills have improved significantly since I made my first version so I was excited to make a new and improved one!

I made this jacket last year during an annual sewing retreat that I organize. It felt like a perfect project for the retreat as I had a whole weekend to focus.

My jacket and Britney pants made at the retreat. The top was made by a friend.
All the garments made at the retreat with the overlocking area in the foreground.

I made a size 12 as I kept the pattern pieces from my first version of the jacket. I could have sized up to a 14 but since I had the pattern printed and cut out I decided to go with that size. Sometimes I prefer certain styles of jackets to be on the smaller side – like this one – as I prefer my denim jacket to be worn open.

I used a remnant piece of Cone Mills stretch denim for this project. I had a measly 1.2m and managed to squeeze this project out of it. I cropped my pattern pieces by 12cm to suit my short waist. I did not include the pockets on the jacket as I would have had to make them very small.

I used heavyweight thread instead of topstitching thread as my Bernina doesn’t like using topstitching thread. Click here to read my tips on making jeans. Many of the tips apply to this project. One tip that isn’t included in this post is to not backstitch top-stitching thread in a visible area instead pull the thread to the inside of the garment using a needle and knot-off.

I added fabric to the inside backstay of the jacket which was sourced from Amsterdam. It brings back memories of our trip every time I wear it and makes the inside of the garment more beautiful to look at.

I added hardware from Kylie and the Machine which I purchased from Get Stitched Sewing Studio. She has the whole range on sale at the moment too! I followed This tutorial from Kylie for the installation. I’ve had problems in the past with hardware getting damaged but this tutorial – and the excellent product – meant I ended up with dint-free hardware for once!

I’m really proud of this jacket! I love the proportions of it and reach for it far more than I do my original version. I think it because of the quality of finishing and how lightweight it is. A few years ago I hardly wore denim and now I love wearing denim jackets and jeans!

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