Grasser 693 skirt

This skirt is the result of an evening spent researching Russian sewing patterns. For a while I was starting to think I’d seen all the new sewing patterns and was feeling a little uninspired. Since falling down the Russian sewing patterns rabbit hole I’ve discovered lots of new companies and pattern designs which has me pumped to start pulling together concepts for garments I want to make in 2020.

With my success with Viki Sews patterns – see my projects here and here – I thought I’d try Grasser 693 when I discovered this skirt pattern.


The wrap-around style is more form-fitting than most flowy skirts. As I live in one of the windiest cities in the world it’s nice that this skirt doesn’t make me anxious about my knickers flashing.

Grasser sells patterns in both English and Russian. This pattern was only available on the Russian side of the website so I had to complete the checkout process without using Google Translate. It’s a great way to test the usability of a website by using it in another language. This pattern and many more from the Grasser range are now available in English! They are working on translating all their patterns for English users.

Grasser has a small range of patterns with English instructions. Some of which – like this gorgeous dress – are free!  Like Viki Sews you purchase a pattern in one single size.


I struggled to figure out my size, which turned out to be 48. Thankfully Betty helped me as she is learning Russian. I’ve heard Grasser customer service are really helpful so you could always send them a direct message on Instagram if you are struggling.  From my limited experience using this pattern, Grasser instructions are not as well diagrammed as the Viki Sews ones. The instructions didn’t translate that well so I used the diagrams, what I could interpret from google translate, and my intuition.

Saying that the sewing was easy and has lots of lovely finishes like a rolled hem and french seams throughout.


I will have to try more of their patterns in the future in both English and Russian to give them a fair assessment.


I made this skirt after making the Myosotis dress which has a similar amount of swishy playfulness. It’s nice to have a few more feminine garments in my wardrobe. This skirt is made in a drapey viscose. The print reminds me of the night sky and aboriginal patterns.


I love this make. It’s nice to try a style which isn’t one I’d be typically drawn to. Since the fabric is from my stash, and as the pattern is only a few dollars it feels less costly to try a new style which I might not like.

Grasser 2

It was great to see fellow kiwi Kathryn make this skirt around the same time I did. She made a stunning top to wear with the skirt to make a two-piece spectacular.

I’m looking forward to having more sewing time over the short summer break (back to work on the 6th Jan!) and sharing my successes and failures with you. I’m in need of a new black pencil skirt for work I’m wondering if this pattern would an interesting take on a classic wardrobe item. let me know what you think below in the comments.

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