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My name is Emma Prestidge. I’m a 30 year old hobby sewist from Wellington, New Zealand.

‘Emma’s Atelier’ reflects my artistic background and my love of design.

I was lucky to be bought up by a family which fostered creativity. I graduated with a masters degree from the University of Auckland – Elam school of Fine Arts. After graduation I went on to work in the Arts as both an artist and curator. Now I work in a corporate role.

I’ve always had a passion for design, print, colour and textiles. I love sewing  one-off garments for myself and my husband.

Community is important to me. I love to collaborate with like minded companies and individuals. I’ve worked with a number of companies including Drapers Fabrics, Bernina NZ, Helen’s Closet.

I hope you enjoy following my journey of making.

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Say hello: emma @ paulandemma .co. nz