Flint Pants

I highly recommend making friends with someone who sews, who is the same size and shape as you. Collette and I happen to share the same body type and so we get together every once in a while to try on each others’ makes. It is a fun process and a great way to discover new patterns. This is how I discovered my love for the Flint pants.

This pant pattern, by Megan Nielsen, is a design inspired by pants from the 60s. The only closure is two buttons on the waistband that open into the generous side pockets. The construction is very quick and ideal for beginners. Both pairs are size 14.

The pocket that forms the closure is less useful to use as a pocket.

I purchased gorgeous wool suiting from Mary at Jones and Taylor for my first pair. It is a deep blue-grey with subtle checks. It is the perfect weight for this style. I lengthened the pants to make them full-length for winter. They are beautifully swishy and make me feel effortlessly glamourous.

For my second pair, I purchased a wool blend multi-coloured pinstripe from The Fabric Store. I had to narrow the legs of the pattern to be able to use the small remnant. I removed 7cm at the inner and outer hem to narrow the leg width by 28cm!

I love both styles – the pinstripe pair are more classic, and the wide-leg pair feel more glam and retro. Both pairs are great for work but equally can be worn more casually depending on styling.

As the buttons hold the pants in place, I sewed a button on the inside and outside of the waistband, which helps to avoid strain on the fabric. See video here.

When I buy patterns I tend to think about how it fits into my pattern stash. How often is it likely it is to get used? I like this pattern as it is versatile. This pattern is has a side tie option, shorts, and there is a free overalls add-on. I highly recommend this pattern and I hope you give it a try!

Happy sewing

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