Cielo top

Often when I’m deciding to make a garment I follow the pattern hashtag on Instagram to see if a garment will suit my body, this is what I did with this pattern. When I saw someone made this pattern as a sweatshirt I was thrilled. In 2020/2021 I have been working from home a lot more so I’m always in need of interesting sweaters.

I love it when a simple pattern has lots of interesting details. Even better when it suits lots of people/bodies. The pattern is available in sizes 0-32 and has separate pattern pieces for larger bust sizes.

The different pattern views.

The Cielo pattern has a semi-cropped top with a cuffed short sleeve (View A), a dramatic gathered long sleeve (View B). Dress with sleek inseam pockets (View C), or without pockets (View D). All views have a slightly dropped shoulder, angled shoulder yoke and roomy fit, with a choice between bias binding or a faced neckline finish.

All the seamlines are topstitched in matching thread for extra detail.

I decided to create a hybrid version of view A with the sleeves of view B minus the ruffled shoulders. Michelle Sews has an awesome tutorial on how to adjust the sleeves to remove the gathers.

For the two versions, I used a non-stretch wool ponte. Both garments are sewn on the overlocker apart from hemming, neckband, and darts which I found slightly too long. I used pre-made bias binding around the neckline.

After reviewing the size chart, and reading a few reviews, I decided to size down two sizes! The sizing chart recommended a size 14 but I made a size 10 with the C-cup pattern pieces. The sizing is perfect for me – I wouldn’t want it any bigger.

I didn’t line the sleeves as I was worried the weight of the fabric would weigh them down and they would lose their lantern shape. Instead, I overclocked the raw edge and topstitch the hem down on the inside of the cuff.

I cropped the top a further 3 inches which is perfect for my short torso and as a sweater. If I made it as a top I would probably size down to a size 8.

I love this pattern as a sweatshirt! The sleeves are the perfect length for doing the dishes without getting in the sink and make me feel somewhat glam when I’m comfy on the couch,

I made the Cielo top to go with my Huy pants to form a tracksuit. I love wearing them together and as separates. I full review of the Huy pants can be found here.

The pattern also looks cool layered and is perfect over tops with voluminous sleeves.

Worn with slim Palisade pants and Archer shirt,
Worn over a singlet dress

I found this pattern incredibly annoying to print! It didn’t seem to have clear instructions to print certain pages, so I wasted a lot of paper. I don’t have any tips – just something to watch out for.

All in all, I love the pattern but the ease is extremely generous so I would factor this in when deciding your sizing.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Jo says:

    I really love your sweater version! I have been siting on this pattern since it was released… You mentioned the issue about printing extra pages – I have recently discovered that using Adobe Acrobat to print I can open up the pages view (one of the icons on the left side) and drag it out far enough that I can recognise the shapes and just select the pages I want in that view (Ctrl-click) and then they populate the print box. I also usually take a look at the A0 version beforehand (tho sometimes they are different). Not sure if this process would help with Cielo as I haven’t printed yet.


    1. Hi Jo! thank you! Yes, I was sitting on this pattern too as I didn’t want to buy it if I wasn’t going to end up loving it. Wow thank you! that is a hot tip really appreciate you sharing! 🙂


  2. Susie says:

    I really like the look of the Cielo worn with a shirt underneath- it looks very stylish. Although paired with the knitted slippers it is even more stylish 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Susie 🙂 I feel like the knitted slippers really add to the look of the garment. 😛 Glad you like it as a sweatshirt. Hopefully you make one.


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