Huy pants

Paul had been wanting a pair of woven elasticated pants for a while, so I was thrilled when the Huy pants pattern was released.

I love the pocket design and that the pattern is un-gendered. From my experience, the sizing chart gives a correct indication of the fit. Currently, the hip measurement for this pattern ranges from a 33 to a 54-inch hip. In 2022 the designer will be extending the size range. Seam allowances are not included in the pattern – I added it manually before cutting out my pattern pieces.

I made a couple of changes to the pattern for the version below which is made in a lightweight Tencel denim from Miss Maude. Most of these changes I have applied to other versions also.

– I cut the yoke on the fold.
– I didn’t understand the instructions for the waistband, so I did my own two-piece waistband. I followed this excellent tutorial and used 3cm wide non-roll elastic.

– I didn’t interface the corner of the front pocket which I immediately regretted.
– lengthen the front pockets to Pauls huge phone.
– topstitched all the seams to give the fabric more support

I’ve seen people skip the back pockets or add patch pockets, both ideas are great.

I shorted the leg of the pattern to the desired length to create Huy pants shorts. The shorts below are made of lightweight cotton poplin. To increase their lifespan, I underlined them in cotton twill. Using a glue stick I stuck the inner and outer fabrics together before sewing them as one fabric. You can either baste or use a glue stick to hold the fabric together. The glue I used was water-soluble and washed out easily.

An excellent tutorial for underlining can be found here.

Paul has been wearing his sweatpants a lot while working from home so wanted some pants that were casual yet dressy. Enter the Huy pant jeansweats. They look like jeans but have an elasticated waist which is hidden by his T-shirt. He loves wearing these especially if he’s feeling bloated.

They are made in a stretch Cone Mills denim from Miss Maude. I added stitching in the key areas like the legs and pockets just like I would with jeans. I made patch pockets but we ended up leaving these off.

After wearing Pauls pants, I discovered how well the pattern fitted me I decided to make the Huy pants as sweatpants. I sewed these entirely on my overlocker. I used this check wool Ponte to make a matching suit using the Cielo Top pattern for the sweater.

I absolutely love this outfit! I wear them all the time together and as separates. I should have made the rise on the front and back a bit higher as I like my pants to sit above my stomach.

If you are looking for some pants that are suitable for adults or teens this is an excellent versatile pattern.

Happy sewing!

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