Orange Emersons

I’ve been contemplating some orange pants for a while. I knew that they would go one of two ways: love or not. Well, I’m happy to report that I am loving having a pair of bring orange Emerson crop pants. I normally follow my colour wheel as can be read about here. But lately I’ve been enjoying trying to dress with the complementary colour ie. red and green, blue and orange.

This came about after buying some lime green shoes which contrasted with all my clothes. I loved I love how the bright colour on my bottom half lifts my neutral tops as can be seen below.

These heavyweight linen pants are made with the Emerson pants pattern. It is a pull-on crop pant or short with an elasticized back and flat front waistband. The pattern has two options: a mid-rise which sits just below the natural waist, or a high rise which sits over the belly button – I made this version. All views have front pleats and side pockets.  The cropped, wide-leg pants are designed to hit a couple of inches above the ankle, or the pattern can also be made into shorts.

The Emersons are one of my favourite working from home pants, which at the moment I’m doing full time. The waistband is elasticated through the back which shapes to the body. The front waistband is meant to stop where the pockets meet the front of the pant but I extended it to the side seam as I prefer the change in the look between elastic and non-elastic to be hidden by my arm. The pleats on these pants hit in the perfect spot and the pockets are generously sized. They are so comfy to dance around the house in. Wearing sweatpants too often makes me feel icky so I like to get dressed even if it’s just for me! Dopamine dressing brings me joy so why not!

I made a size 12 as per my measurements. The fit is spot on! I like a 5cm wide waistband but the widest non-roll elastic that I could find is 38mm. My one tip is to ALWAYS use decent quality non-roll elastic – the cheaper stuff just folds up and you’ll wish you paid the extra 80c a meter for the good stuff!

Special shoutout to regular reader Robyn who wrote to me after having a styling session with my friend Nina. She wrote “Wow Emma, I have had the most beautiful revelations about myself over the past few weeks and there is still more to come – I am just fizzing!” She had a package with Nina which helped her to discover herself again. She went onto say ” I haven’t sewn for many years – but all those creative juices are bubbling away now.” I was so thrilled to hear from Robyn and the impact this has had on her life and wellbeing. People underestimate the effects that clothes can have on you, but they can so easily be changed!

Nina and I are going live on her Instagram tomorrow! Free and open to all. We are talking about clothes, making the most of the garments in your closet, finding your style and answering all your tricky questions. Working with Nina was a game changer for my sewing practice so I hope you can learn from the session!

I hope you like my latest make and keep being creative!

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