Leopard print Nova Coat

The Papercut Nova coat (previously called the Sapporo coat) is a garment/pattern which is well recognizable by other sewists. In fact, I recently wore this jacket and it was admired by a fellow sewist in a retail store.

I have previously made this pattern in wool as can be seen here. I wore the garment a lot but never really loved it as much as I hoped. The wool was quite heavy and didn’t show off the geometric shape as much as I wanted. Interfacing the fabric would have helped the jacket keep its shape better.

Originally, the pattern was drafted incorrectly. I had assumed the issues with that pattern were my own, and so didn’t mention the flaws in the garment in my original blogpost. In the second photo of me wearing the jacket you can see the extra bubble of fabric at the hem. Paul has adopted the wool version as a winter housecoat. He loves it as it’s like a cosy blanket with pockets!

Papercut Patterns has since updated the pattern to correct the issues. This jacket is made with the reissued shorter version of the pattern. I used size XS as per my original make. My measurements had me at a M. I found the sizing correct for me as I like oversize jackets to be slightly smaller so I don’t feel like I’m swamped in fabric!

This jacket is made in a polyester lurex fabric purchased from The Fabric Store. I believe this fabric was originally used by Mark Jacobs. I love a bold geometric or leopard print fabric especially for evening events. I saw this fabric on The Fabric Store online shop and it was love at first sight. Did you know they have a selection of fabrics only available through their website as online exclusives? I live close to the Fabric Store Wellington but regularly check their online offering.

From my last experience, I decided to interface the fabric with a medium weight gigli interfacing. I probably should have chosen a lightweight option as the interfacing has stiffed the fabric a lot and has removed the natural hand of the fabric. (The hand of fabric is the “feel” of the fabric. The way the fabric feels when it is touched.) I did however wanted to create a coat with impact which I have done successfully! I’ve worn this jacket to a few different posh event and people comment on what a stunning jacket it is so it must look good!

I have always admired Heather Lou’s take on the Nova pattern. I love the shape of the jacket with the fabric she chose and the gorgeous fabric – lush.

Heather Lou’s amazing Sapporo coat

I have seen lots of amazing takes on this pattern but I probably won’t make another one as this one is a pretty special show stopper. As a evening jacket I find it superb, but as a cold weather coat there is something about it which doesn’t work for me. I know this coat will get lots of wear now and into the future. I am enjoying having more ‘special’ pieces in my closet if I need to attend a event. I hate sewing to a tight deadline so avoid it where possible.

May be an image of 4 people and people standing
Wearing the jacket to a prizegiving.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. LOVE this jacket and those Shoes!!!


    1. Thanks Mrs C! 🙂 It is a fun jacket to wear. I need more opportunities to wear it!


  2. handmadephd says:

    I love everything about this jacket! The print is lovely for the style.


  3. Julie Foster says:

    Hi Emma
    It really looks fab! I think you did the right thing with the interfacing here as the structure shows off the lovely shape and lends it a more special occasion look with its beautiful crispness.
    I was scoping to see versions with and without interfacing/interlining as I am about to tackle a fully pumped winter version with a wool blend outer and a faux fur lining. I am trying to decide if interfacing the outer fabric would be over the top (it would also add extra warmth) with the already thick fabrics, but I do want to keep a more structured look, any thoughts?
    I found some lovely large size antique brass hook and eyes that I will attach to the inside edge so the coat will have edge to edge abutted closure, keeping it winter ready.


    1. Hi Julie thanks so much for your kind words.

      My first version of the Sapporo coat was in a heavy wool. I wasn’t happy how it turned out without interfacing. The fabric is cut on the so the bias so it became strechy and floppy and didn’t hold a nice shape. I was really disappointed with my final coat. My blog post is on here so perhaps you’ll be able to see what I mean.

      Your plans sounds divine! I definitely think a soft lightweight interfacing would be perfect.

      Happy sewing!


  4. Kerry Donlon says:

    Hi Emma, I love your coat!!! It’s so beautiful!
    I have the original Sapporo pattern (recent eBay purchase, didn’t realise the pattern differences!), have downloaded the 2.0 version updates, but I want to make a short version like yours. Didn’t realise the original wouldn’t have lengthen/shorten option….did you just shorten your original pattern or did you buy the new version? Any advice would be gratefully received!


    1. Hi Kerry 👋 thank you so much! I’d email Papercut directly with a photo of your pattern. Perhaps they will send you an updated file. I got the new pattern file after it had been updated. I don’t like altering things significantly so found it easier to print off the pattern. Otherwise you could use what you have update the pattern with the errors and shorten it.


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