Dinosaur Two-piece-setacular

I made this #twopiecesettacular for Paul using this gorgeous dinosaur print fabric which was gifted from Minerva as part of their Minerva Brand Ambassadors programme.

Green is one of his favourite colours to wear and he is a self-described ‘Dinosaur boy’ so I thought this fabric was perfect for him!

We were both thrilled when it arrived from Minerva – the quality is outstanding! I have never seen this brand of fabrics in NZ so I will be keeping an eye out on this range on the Minerva website. I think this fabric will wash and wear beautifully (hopefully) without ironing. I recently learned that Minerva offer free shipping worldwide when you purchase over £50 of fabric (International customers) £30 (UK). It makes fabrics like this more available to those of us in Aotearoa!

Paul loves wearing two-piece outfits for summer festival events. Being in New Zealand we have thankfully still been able to attend a number of festivals over the summer. We have a tradition that he gets a new outfit for our favourite summer beer festival. This year I’ve made him two two-piece-spectacular outfits the other one can be seen here.

The fabric is Art Gallery Fabrics Organic Cotton Poplin Fabric. The weight is perfect for a shirt – it has a beautiful drape and feels lovely and crisp. I haven’t worked with Art Gallery fabrics before but I will keep an eye out for them since the fabric is so lovely to wear and sew. The green is the perfect shade and the pop of neon yellow on the print is a fun touch!

This fabric is nice and fine so I use my favourite type of sewing needle a Microtex to ensure the fabric isn’t damaged during sewing.

I managed to squeeze this project out of 2 meters of fabric. I would probably buy 2.5 meters next time as I was dangerously short on fabric.

I used the Gosling shirt pattern for the button-up shirt. The pattern was released by Sew Sew Def magazine published by Mimi G. I have a full review of the pattern here . Spoiler alert I love this pattern it’s the fourth time I’ve made it.

The shorts are the Huy pants by Melilot. The pattern is designed for woven fabrics and is ungendered. The pattern has pockets on the front and the back. I removed the back pockets due to limited fabric but kept them in the front. I shorted the leg of the pattern to the desired length. The pants version that I’ve made are viewable here.

I wanted the fabric on the shorts to be sturdy so I underlined them in cotton twill. I glued the fabrics together using a glue stick. The resulting shorts will wear a lot better than if they were cotton poplin.

The beauty of making these garments as separates is they can be styled in lots of different ways. This shirt will look great with jeans or chinos for workwear. The shorts can be worn with t-shirts and add a pop of fun to a simple outfit. I know the shirt will become one of his favourite garments and will be envied by his co-workers!

Matching outfits for the Newtown Festival

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  1. Debbie Cook says:

    Great set for Paul and he looks so pleased! Well done!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Debbie! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sue Topping says:

    Hi Emma,

    Go dinosaur boy! Awesome outfit. My fav green colour too. Paul looks chuffed. Good job Emma. You looked great matching together. Hope the beer fest was fun. Thanks for sharing.

    What weird autumn weather. This morning the city has a misty haze with patchy grey sky and bright blue sky. I’ll get the washingon and presume it will get dry. Yesterday was amazing after a rain drenching day. I’m definitely planning my winter wardrobe.

    Dad and I are thinking of a winter trip. We may fly to Wanaka to stay a few days then head to ChCh for a look and catch the train up if it still runs in the winter. I’ll check that next. We could ferry to wellington to see you and fly home. Or we may just enjoy staying home with a short stay over at hot pools ie Miranda, omokoroa, Rotorua.

    I was listening to national radio and they were talking about work place bullying. Apparently you can get redress from jobs where you leave because of it and often get a nice payout to compensate. Interesting. People can get lost wages paid while they settle on their new direction. Just something to keep at the back of your mind. I’m glad people have some rights these days because work place pressures and bullying are rife. I watched Sunday last night about burn out. It was strongly stated that it is the managers role to ensure work expectations are reasonable and the systems and support in place to ensure staff well being. In NZwe work longer hours but not always the smartest. I know I was completely burnt out when mum died and Becky and Macca were packing up to go to the uk. I struggled on the next year and the next finally listened to myself and took the years leave. It took the whole year to recover. I am so grateful to have made retirement. Anyway I just wanted to share with you what I heard. I’m glad you can explore your options in your own time with no pressures. I think the right job fit is so important.

    Enjoy the rest of the week, especially the sunny patches to get out and about on your lovely local walks. I hope your shoes arrive today if not already.

    Love you heaps. Xxoo to you both. Mumma

    Ps can I put in my order for an Emma and Paul birthday song every year on April 10th please. You guys were awesome! Made me smile all day😋

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