Viki Sews – Britney Pants

Regular readers will be familiar with my love for Viki Sews patterns. They are a pattern company based in Russia. They are different to lots of indie patterns on the market as they provide patterns for your height and measurements. Depending on the pattern and the amount of ease allowed I make a size 44/46 with the height range of 162-165. Yes that’s right they have height ranges! perfect if you normally have to shorten or lengthen your pattern pieces.

I have made quite a few patterns from their range and each one has been easy to construct with beautiful shaping and design details and techniques. As a life-longer learner – who loves a challenge I find their patterns so satisfying to make!

I was drawn to the Britney pants because of the shape through the leg and the darts at the hem. The description via google translate is “Trousers pattern with a loose silhouette, reminiscent of the shape of a banana”. This description drew me in! I like my clothes to be a little bit different.

As I’ve made a couple of pants before I didn’t look at the instructions. Instead I look at the markings on the pattern pieces – notches, darts etc. These details show how the pattern needs to come together. I constructed the front and the back of the pants separately, which is how I normally make jeans then I sewed the side seams checking for fit. The last step was adding the waistband and the hem facings.

I’m always surprised that most people are afraid to sew this way. Especially if they have made multiple pairs of pants before. Sewing is such a forgiving medium that if you make a mistake it can be unpicked and fixed. The good news for those who aren’t as fearless as me is that Viki Sews are making their patterns in English! This will make their designs more accessible to English speakers.

I have made these pants in two different fabrics. The first is a wool/ poly blend from The Fabric Store. I love this fabric. The pants feel amazing to wear and are perfect for the office or play.

The second are made in mid-weight non-stretch cotton denim. The fabric isn’t rigid like most denim so are really comfortable to wear. The looseness around the knees means they are extremely comfortable to move in. My friend Melanie made a killer two-piece leisure suit using this pattern.

I love these pants and have been thinking about another pair for work. What do you think of the style? funky and modern or too baggy?

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  1. Jenya says:

    Both of these pants look awesome Emma. I was curious if they would work in non-stretch fabric as pattern description calls for fabric containing elastane (it is a lot easier for me to understand as I actually speak Russian haha In saying that, they have all the notches and seam allowances market on pattern pieces and the instructions are super detailed so even someone who speaks no Russian can follow). I cane across a few Russian pattern makers and it seems having patterns dratted for a range of heights is a thing over there. I wish it was a thing everywhere!


    1. Oh funny! I didn’t realize the pattern was designed for stretch fabrics! I love the height range it means everything is proportioned correctly. Looking forward to seeing your pants.


  2. thesewmelier says:

    Funky and modern of course 😉 I love it!

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    1. ❤ Thanks lovely!


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