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I’ve been a busy bee over the last few months making clothes for Paul. He has a large collection of t-shirts (at least 30) which he circulates through. I haven’t made him any new t-shirts recently so it might be time to make a few new ones for him. What his wardrobe lacks in new t-shirts I have made up for in shirts, jeans and bomber jackets.

I recently batch made two bomber jacket for Paul. The blue one is made from a printed denim from Jet in Greytown. I purchased the fabric at Fabric-a-Brac.

The other bomber jacket is made from a See You at Six fabric with matching ribbing. The lining is a duck print which we bought from Melbourne a few years ago.

These two jackets are made using Mccalls 7637. These are number 6 and 7 using the same pattern. The original version with fitting adjustments can be seen here. I love making these jackets for him. People regularly ask him where he bought them as they want one too! It’s very satisfying to see his row of jackets when I leave our house. I love seeing which one he choses to pair with his outfit. If you click here you can see what the garment looks like on me as this is an ungendered pattern.

Paul had been wanting a pair of woven elasticated pants for a while so I was thrilled when the Huy pants pattern was released. I love the double pocket details and that this pattern is un-gendered.
Love this pattern by @marimelilot. Highly recommend!

Just a couple of things I did differently to the pattern.

– I cut the back pocket yoke on the fold.
– I didn’t understand the instructions for the waistband so I did my own two piece waistband and used 3cm wide non-roll elastic. – I didn’t interface the front pockets corner which I immediately regretted.
– lengthen the front pockets to hold his huge phone.
– topstitched all the seams to give the fabric more support as it’s a lightweight Tencel denim.

I’ve seen people skip the back pockets or add patch pockets both ideas are great.

I made Paul a couple of new Paxson sweaters. One in a Liberty print and the other from the Fabric Shop in Otara Auckland.

Paul and I enjoy going to a local beer festival each year called Beer at the Basin. It’s an outdoor craft beer and food festival. Our tradition is for him to wear a new Two-piece set-tacular each year. This year he chose this printed linen. I stupidly didn’t order enough fabric so I had to use black linen for the back of the shorts.

I made Paul a shirt in a tumbling ladies print to match mine and am working on a dinosaur printed two-piece-setacular. The fabric is sponsored by Minerva.

In December I made Paul a replacement black pair of jeans and a blue denim pair. The style of the jeans is the same as his normal ones but I thought you might like to see the topstitching.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my menswear updates for Paul. He has lots of lovely garments to select from which makes every day exciting seeing what he wears.

Happy sewing and always love hearing from you!

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  1. M-C says:

    Great shirt(s)! But especially thank you for the huy pants referral, I think they’re exactly what I had been wanting


    1. Awesome! they are a cool pattern. If you are on Instagram please tag me I’d love to see your finished pants.


  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Very beautiful shirt. Nice job work. Iam so happy.


    1. Thank you! I love this pattern. Wil you make it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rajkkhoja says:

        No, I can’t make. You sew & send me 🙏


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