Passiflore dress

When the Passiflore dress pattern by Deer and Doe was released I was excited! I don’t often race to buy a pattern on the day it’s been released as I try to be mindful of my purchases. I had this purchased and printed within 24 hours and planned to sew it up that weekend.

I’m a fan of Deer and Doe patterns as they draft for a woman with an hourglass figure with a D-cup who is 165cm – Perfect for me!

I was drawn to the style of this garment as It’s not a style I’ve sewn before. I like that it’s a shirt dress but with princess seams and a lovely collar.

Minerva kindly gifted me this lovely linen which was lovely to sew and even better to wear. I didn’t order enough so I used plain linen for the inner facing which shows on the outside as a black collar. I love the accidental contrast this creates. It helps to show the details of the design.

I originally planned to make this dress as a maxi dress but felt overwhelmed by the amount of fabric. I’ve seen people style this garment as a dress or jacket. I love wearing this dress just as dress. It’s one of the more girly pieces in my closet but it’s nice to have different styles to wear so I can play around with styling.

I can imagine myself making this pattern again but changing the collar. I’m drawn to patterns which have angular details. I love the shape of the dress as it can be styled as a dress or jacket depending on the fabrics.

This garment doesn’t feel like the perfect ‘me’ dress. I think it’s because it quite a feminine style mixed with a floral which to me emphasizes the girly-ness of the garment. It’s nice to try out different styles to experiment as I did with this make. This is the first garment in a while which I didn’t love straight away. What do you do with garments like this? Wear them in the hope that you will change your mind or find another home for the garment? I know if this was in a solid fabric it would be worn all the time.

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  1. Vicki Jane says:

    It looks great and fits you in a really flattering way. I completely understand the looking down and seeing so much pattern problem. Consider dying it a dark grey or navy. It will still have the pattern but it wont be so obvious and will still look classic.

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    1. Hi Vicki thanks for the suggestion. I wondered about dying it too. Do you think a dark green would be cool or better to go with navy? Thanks šŸ™‚


  2. Vicki Jane says:

    Dark Green would be gorgeous Emma!


  3. Sheila says:

    Get out of your comfort zone! It’s lovely and looks terrific! It’s not too girly – it’s a dress!!! Now add a pop of color, with a necklace, scarf or clutch!


    1. Thanks Sheila glad you like it šŸ˜‰


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