Viki Sews Ivanna dress


I love wearing my first version of the Viki Sews Ivanna dress that I knew I needed another one! This pattern is uniquely shaped – it looks complicated but in reality, the pattern has very few pieces. The dress has pleats across the front and back section of the skirt which is one pattern piece. Underarm gussets create shape into what is otherwise fairly rectangular pattern pieces.


The details are the same as my first version of this pattern. I was considering a plain fabric for my newest version of this pattern but this fabric design is simple enough to let the details shine. I chose a polyester fabric which I left unlined as I thought the gusset construction would make lining this garment challenging.


The fit is a little tight around the back. I’m going to let out some of the back pleats as I slightly over fitted my pleats. I generally wear garments a couple of times before tweaking the fit.



I’m really pleased with this make. I love this pattern it shows off my curves and it feels like a designer dress. Over Covid-19 lockdown, I did a ton of sewing! I am looking forward to sharing more projects with you.


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