Emerson pants

My friend Collette and I recently tried on each others handmade pants. Turns out we have very similar shaped bodies! It was a great experience as I discovered the wonderful Emerson crop pants through this exercise.

The Emerson pattern is a pull-on crop pant or short with an elasticized back and flat front waistband. There are two options a mid-rise which sits just below the natural waist. There is also a high rise which sits over the belly button – I made this version. All views have front pleats and side pockets.  The cropped, wide-leg pant are designed to hit a couple of inches above the ankle – these can also be made into shorts.


The Emerson’s have been one of my favourite working from home pants. The elasticated waist through the back shapes to the body while the front remains flat. The pleats hit in the perfect spot and the pockets are generously sized. They are so comfy to dance around the house in. Wearing sweatpants too often makes me feel icky so I like to get dressed even if it’s just for me!

Worn with an Archer shirt

The pattern calls for light to medium weight woven fabrics. I used a poly-cotton blend which I bought cheap to test as a wearable muslin. I freaking love them! the fabric doesn’t attract much cat fur, they are comfy yet casual yet dressy – Perfection!

You’ll see from the photos below that the pants can be dressed up or down. Now that i’ll be working from home more I’m contemplating other versions. Though I am trying to be mindful of what’s already in my wardrobe.


I made a size 12 as per my measurements. The fit is spot on! I made no other changes to the pattern. My one tip is to ALWAYS use good quality non-roll elastic – the cheaper stuff just folds up and you’ll wish you paid the extra 80c a meter for the good stuff!


Since Covid-19 has changed the nature of work I’m only required to go into the office 1 day a week. It will be interesting to see how this affects my wardrobe. I am already starting to think more about making Bralettes rather than underwire bras. I recently discovered the Mara bralette pattern and have purchased several kits from the wonderful Helen from Nellie Joans.


Thank you to everyone for the discussions within the sewing community. I encourage all my readers to learn to become a better ally for the BIPOC community. Paul and I have been reading, discussing, donating. I have a lot to learn so thank you all for sharing your resources on Instagram. My friend Koss wrote a first hand experience on her experience with racism. I encourage you to read it.

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  1. Koss says:



  2. PoundCake says:

    I might have to revisit this pattern. I made one pair before the pattern was updated with the higher rise, and then lost interest. Seeing the high rise in action makes me like it again!! Yours look terrific so many ways!


    1. Oh thank you so much! They are such great pants! I have been eyeing up this pattern as well and was thinking about using the Emerson’s to make these what do you think? https://www.instagram.com/p/B-aKDnEIoSO/


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