Menswear looks under lockdown

Birthdays under lockdown aren’t great! Whilst on lock-down it was mum and Paul’s birthday. My mum is still waiting for me to go to the post office to send her presents – sorry mum.


Since Paul and I live in the same house it was much much easier to get him to help design his presents. I decided to make him another bomber to add to his family of McCalls 7637 bomber jackets. The other versions can be seen here, here, here and here. Don’t they look pretty all lined up like this?


Paul loves his presents and has been wearing the jeans heaps considering he doesn’t have to leave the house! He’s looking forward to wearing the jacket more.


We purchased the main fabric last November from Spotlight whilst in Taranaki for my birthday. The ribbing came from The Fabric Store and the lining from Fabricabrac. The zip was from my zip stash too!



I also wanted to make him a fourth pair of jeans. His first pair is nearly worn out and It’s nice to have a couple of different pants to rotate between.

This pair has coloured topstitching which was fun to achieve. My sewing machines hate topstitching thread so instead I used my triple stitch on my Bernette sewing machine. It sews back and forth three times in the same spot to achieve a look which mimics topstitching. I used yellow and mustard thread on different areas of the jeans. They are  colours which Paul wears regularly.

The cone mills denim from these jeans came from the lovely Emma from Miss Maude and the cotton pocket bag fabric was purchased a couple of years ago in Melbourne from a quilt shop in the CBD.




If you ask me the gift of new custom made clothes is a pretty cool birthday gift. This birthday will definitely be one we remember!



Safe safe, happy and keep sewing or whatever brings you joy!


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  1. Lodi says:

    Lucky guy. He looks happy!

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  2. rajkkhoja says:

    The best jeans. Comfortable fitting pant.nice look.


    1. Thank you! they were fun to make

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rajkkhoja says:

        Thanks 🌷! Iam so happy too.!


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