When inspiration strikes – McCalls 7661

I love wearing my other version of McCalls 7661 pants that I knew I needed another pair in a different fabric. 


I purchased this gorgeous fabric from Tessuti fabrics last February. It deserved to be made into something amazing. This fabric is perfect for pants! The Tencel makes the fabric softer/drapier than pure Linen. Personally I prefer this fabric to normal linen which creases a lot! 



I started working on these pants back in September at a sewing retreat I organized. Originally I had gathered the fabric with a wide waistband and tie belt like my first pair but something felt off. I put the pants aside while figured out how to make a pair of pants which I was excited to wear. 


I saw the above image on Instagram and fell in love with the style. My thoughts immediately returned to these pants and how I could fix them to be more like the image. I didn’t have to change much – I removed the waistband and tie and used the extra gathered fabric to created pleats. I didn’t have as much ease as my inspiration image but I tried to stick with the same pleat placement. I ended up halving the original width of the waistband and removing the tie belt to keep the same streamlined look.

Internal pant finishing.

The pants feel perfect now. My only minor complaint is the front waistband on these pants rolls on itself. I want to try and avoid this in future so if anyone has any tips please pass them on. I’ve been experimenting with ban-roll and more interfacing in my waistbands.


These pants have been a wonderful addition to my work wardrobe. It’s so nice to have coloured pants instead of always wearing black or navy. What are you loving in your wardrobe at the moment?

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  1. Love these! I’m planning to make a new pair of pants soon too in a similar color. Haven’t decided on a pattern yet, though. Maybe you could try some kind of boning strategically placed in the waistband? Nothing too rigid, so you won’t get poked though.


    1. Bettina says:

      Oops, sorry! I accidentally posted this with a WP-Account I’m setting up for some freelance work :/

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      1. No worries Bettina thanks for your comment and suggestion 🙂


    2. Oh boning in the waistband cool idea. I will do some research on this! Thanks.


  2. PoundCake says:

    Beautiful finished pants, good for you for changing them when inspiration struck! I feel like I would think “Ehh…they’re done” and just never wear them, but I can tell your revised result is great. Pleated skirts often leave me cold but I love pleated pants right now.


    1. Thank you! yes I’m trying to be better at taking the time to make projects perfect. I want to get lots of wear from my me made wardrobe.


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