The Floral bomber – McCalls 7637

I recently finished a fifth bomber jacket for Paul using McCall’s pattern 7637.20200210_203426

The jacket has all the same alterations as my original version. Other versions can be seen here, here and here. This jacket is a quick and satisfying make! It came together over a public holiday weekend. 


Paul sees these jackets as an essential part of his identity along with his printed t-shirts. They are relatively easy to put together and I love the way he looks in them.  


The See you at Six fabric was purchased from Maaidesign last year. The ribbing came from The Fabric Store and the lining was purchased from a secondhand fabric sale. I’ve started to collect lining fabrics as I find them hard to source.


I sewed the jacket while Paul was making himself t-shirts. He is still learning how to sew so I was teaching him as he made them. As you can see he is thrilled with his new jacket which he proclaimed as his favourite to date! 


You may be thinking: does he need anymore jackets?! Well friends you can’t have too much art and these are worn almost every time he leaves the house. I love the way his jackets look lined up by our front door. Seeing them lined up sparks joy for me and him. Eventually I’d like the whole row to be filled up with different designs. I hope you have clothes that spark joy.


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