The Pink Suit – Lander pants and Barbara Jacket

It’s day 2 of enforced New Zealand Government lockdown so it’s a perfect time to get back to blogging!

It took me a while to be interested in the Lander pants. It was only after I saw several versions on Instagram that I decided to make them. 

20200215_093818 (1)

The Lander is a wide-leg high-waisted pant made in non-stretch cotton twill. My hourglass figure tends to prefer figure-hugging skinny leg pants, but the fullness of the lander appeals to my playful style personality.

lander 1

Finding the right fabric for this pattern was surprisingly challenging! I searched for a year to find the right pinky red. Which I eventually found at The Fabric Store. I was SO excited when I found the fabric that I decided to make a matching jacket using the République du Chiffon Barbara Jacket.


My Landers are a size 10 based on my size twin Merrill. I’m always a little nervous when making non-stretch pants as there isn’t much room for error. I ended up grading the Lander pants pattern between my waist and my hips as I wasn’t one straight size. The Barbara jacket is a straight size 42.


The sizing of the Lander pants was pretty much perfect. I have strong thighs so I had to make my seam allowances smaller to allow for comfortable movement when sitting.

This pattern comes with a button fly which I changed to a zip. I prefer to keep the attention away from my belly to the top half of my body. I used the instructions and pattern pieces from my Dawn jeans for the fly pieces as well as a short metal pant zip. I have found that longer zips on pants create an unflattering ripple in the crotch which some refer to as a lady boner.


I used the curved waistband of the Dawn jeans which hugs nicely to my swayback. If you’ve ever worn pants or a skirt that gaps at the center back then you need to use a curved waistband they curve better to a women’s figure.



The Barbara jacket is perfect straight out of the packet. Instead of lining it, I bound all the seams. I ended up cropping the jacket by 6 inches as I didn’t like the longer length in a heavy fabric.

20200316_183308 (1)

So far I’ve found the Lander pants and the Barbara jacket to be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. Each item looks great with solid colours, crop tops, silk blouses, my favourite Maya tops, Astoria sweaters.  


Looking forward to sharing more projects with you soon stay safe out there and use this time to do more of what brings you joy!

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