Roberts Collection Dungarees

A pair of dungarees has been on my to make list for a while. I was inspired to make this pair before our recent sewing retreat because of a dream. In the dream I was wearing dungarees at our retreat with a bumbag. These were all things on my too make list! My dream felt achievable so I set to work.



I’m trying to reuse patterns to get my money’s worth from them. Since I already own the Roberts Collection by Marilla Walker I decided on using the dungarees pattern. I made the pinafore dress a couple of years ago and I really enjoy wearing it.

The fabric is a mid-weight denim remnant which I picked up from a local fabric sale. I went with size 5 and made zero adjustments apart from adding pockets to the back of the garment. The backpockets help to break up the expanse of butt and reduce my visible panty line.



I should have interfaced the front bib as it droops a little in the centre. I flat felled the side and crotch seams for extra strength.

Jess and I at Miss Maude’s beautiful shop in Greytown.

The bag is a leather Kelly Waist Bag. It’s a free pattern by I Love You Sew. I have been wanting a bumbag for ages as I love keeping my hands free. I wanted the pattern to fit my sunglasses, small wallet, chap-stick and phone so the Kelly seemed perfect!


I thought I’d try this pattern as I’d seen good reviews. I brought some suede leather for it from The Fabric Store. As  I was short on time I didn’t test the pattern in a cheaper fabric. I followed a similar method which I use to make my Ida clutch purses.

I wish I had tested the pattern before I cut into my leather. As the bag has a single closure my stuff continuously falls out of either side making it impractical. In a heavy interfaced fabric it would probably be fine but in a leather, which has a softness to it, it doesn’t work well. The weight of my bag has pulled the waistband away from the bag. Again it would be fine in fabric as it would be easy to add bar tacks but in leather you don’t want to add too many stitches otherwise it destroys the material.

Me with Castlepoint lighthouse in the background

The pattern itself is great! I was just disappointed with my outcome in leather.

So there you have it! A win and a fail. I’m hoping to re-purpose the leather for another project. The dungarees have been getting a lot of wear since I made them. They give me the creative artist vibe I was dreaming of.

The sewing retreat was magical and left me feeling so inspired and happy. I look forward organizing another in 2020. 

Photo credit Gabrielle
Photo credit Gabrielle


Happy sewing!

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  1. PoundCake says:

    Oh wow, that sewing room is beautiful! I love the dungarees, too – I’ve made the jumpsuit from the Roberts collection but keep putting off the dungarees, even though I want some! It looks like you planned a wonderful retreat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😘 Oh the jumpsuit is very cool. I should check that out!


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