Adrienne blouse

 I‘ve been eyeing up the Adrienne blouse for a while. It’s a knit top pattern which is fitted through the body and has voluminous sleeves. It’s a look I’m really into at the moment.


I knew once I found the perfect fabric I’d make it. We ended up finding the fabric in one of the fabric stores we visited in Paris. I found it in the store pictured below. That store and many others like it, felt very disorganized compared to our fabric stores in New Zealand. 

There weren’t any composition labels so I had to guess the fabric composition. I’d say the composition would be polyester/nylon. The resulting top is quite warm compared to most of my other clothes which are cooler natural fibers. I couldn’t go past the print and had limited time for shopping.





I’d describe the Adrienne as a beginner knit top pattern. The construction is explained really well and the whole garment can be sewn on a sewing machine. It’s definitely a pattern I’d use if I was teaching beginners about sewing knits.

 I sewed my top on my Bernette 38 sewing machine using a zig-zag stitch. Normally I avoid using a zig-zag when the stitching is visible. I don’t like my clothes looking homemade! The print hides the stitching so the zigzag doesn’t bother me at all.


I made size XL which is one size up from my recommended size. I don’t like my knitwear to stretch too much across my body. I wanted the fabric to be a little loose rather than my body to feel like it’s a sausage casing! I’d look closely at the recommended stretch percentage of the pattern and your fabric before doing this. The jeans that I’m wearing in these photos are quite tight! I prefer wearing this top with pants which are a bit roomier.


I made minor adjustments to the pattern. I removed 5 cm from the width of each sleeve. I couldn’t believe how fast the top came together! It felt too easy.

I plan to style this top with wide-leg jeans for a 70’s vibe. With York pinafores and dungarees to exude an artist vibe. This top looks great worn with pencil skirts or high-waisted black pants for work to show a more romantic side to my style.


This is the first pattern I’ve sewn by Friday Pattern Company. The instructions are great! The founder/pattern designer Chelsea has recently made FPC her full-time job so I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings out next!

As a comparison here are some photos from the New Zealand based The Fabric Store from our trip to Auckland in the weekend.

So organised. Classic Emma distracted by fabric.


and again!


I also made a vase with Phil Cuttance and my friend Isabella.


and had wine with Kat!


Cheers! God damn the wrinkles – fuck it I love smiling!


I love clothes which remind me of holidays and fabric shopping in Paris ❤

I hope you sew the Adrienne – you wont regret it!

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