Frocks for Frocktails

Deciding on my outfit for Frocktails is always exciting but also fills me with worry. Is it fancy enough? Do I have enough time to make it? Do I have the materials to make it?

It’s not just Frocktails – dressing up fancy has always filled me with dread. “Why spend heaps of money on a ballgown that I’m only going to wear once?” I asked my mother as a teenager while gloating about my $40 bargain dress (down from $800). The practical side of my personality wants me to make/own garments that will get worn and worn.


This years outfit WAS going to be different. I was going to make a fancy dress with fancy shoes and not think about its life after the event. I was going to be organized and not let myself get stressed. Yes, it would be worn again but probably not in my daily life and that’s ok!

I’d planned a Deer and Doe Magnolia dress in deep teal rayon satin. Thankfully I just had enough fabric – or so I thought. Sadly I made a big error! The skirt is made up of a front and back and two sides. I only had enough fabric for 3 of the 4 panels and there wasn’t any available elsewhere.ย Panic set in as my plans were dashed. Sounds stupid but I kind of grieved for the dress that was never meant to be.ย 

After a few days, I rummaged through the stash for inspiration. Finding fabrics which toned together left me with a feeling that everything was going to be ok.

I planned a gauze top in polyester organza, aย Silvia Coatigan in pinky/red wool with a printed polyester lining. With a bias cut satin skirt. The skirt was a disaster so then had to replan. After consultations with many different people, I decided on the Closet Case Amy jumpsuit to wear with my skirt and jacket which I’d already made. The dark fabric makes the organza pop.ย 

I made a straight size 12 in a navy rayon crepe from The Fabric Store. I decided not to add pockets or an invisible zip as the garment is easy to slip in and out of.


The polyestet organza top is made using the Aeolian Tee by Pattern Fantastique.ย  The pattern is designed for knits however I’d seen other bloggers make the pattern in a woven fabric. I made a size 12 – one size up from my measurement to ensure I had enough boxy-ness in the silhouette.

I wanted a cropped boxy style top to wear with the skirt/jumpsuit. I sewed the top using a standard needle and finished the seams with french seams. I tried to match the check throughout – there is an area at the back where the check doesn’t quite match up.


My sparkly shoes were admired a lot during the evening. They are fun to have on my feet.


Me and Paul in his sewist husband shirt and Emma made jeans. He recently purchased the jacket – his first new ready-to-wear garment in ages! His old jacket was a $10 op shop buy which needed replacing. It’s so nice to dress up and go out together before Frocktails.


I LOVED my finished outfit the jumpsuit is so fun and swishy to wear. The top is gorgeous and will get lots of wear. The garment really appeals to my practical clothes personality! My friend Helen from Nellie Joansย stayed with us for Frocktails weekend. It was fun to show her around Wellington and to attend the event together.

It was great to see so many friends and meet lots of people from the Gram! Everyone looked beautiful. If you want to purchase tickets for the upcoming Auckland Frocktails click here to buy a ticket.


The neckline of the top and the coat didn’t sit well together but it’s ok they weren’t worn together for long. I have been living in the coat, a Silvia Coatigan since I made it – I’m truly obsessed with the colour. The bag is an Ida clutch which I made for last years Frocktails.


I recently passed my three-year blogiversary with this being my 100th blogpost. Thank you to you for reading and commenting. It keeps me motivated to continue blogging my process. Let’s all keep enjoying the ride!

Happy sewing

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  1. PoundCake says:

    It’s so much harder to be fancy, isn’t it?? Sorry about the tricky journey but I think you nailed it, these pieces bring the thunder together but are day-wearable in different outfits! Also CONGRATS on 100 blog posts, wow!


    1. SO much harder! thank you I love the outfit together and separately.


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