Making Menswear for Paul

I’ve been making lots of projects for Paul in the last few months so I thought I’d do an update blog post. A lot of the patterns are patterns I’ve already reviewed or are hacks of patterns. I will link to other blog posts where relevant.

I enjoy sewing for Paul as it’s such a different process creating garments for someone else. He loves wearing everything I make him and proudly wears 3 to 4 Emma-made garments per day.  Fabric shopping is enjoyable for both of us as he finds fabrics that he wants.

All of Paul’s T-shirts are made from one pattern which we created from an existing T-shirt. I cover this process in this blog post. Here are the latest batch of T-shirts.

Fabric from Maaidesign


Fabric from Nerida Hansen
Fabric from NZ Facebook group Fabric Stash From Factory. The quality is mixed – I’ve had ok luck with their french terry knits.
An example of my knitwear batching. All cut out ready for sewing!

I’ve made Paul around 15 Paxson Sweaters. All the details are in my earlier blog posts which can be read by clicking here and here. I made one minor change as I was finding my neckbands weren’t sitting nicely. I removed 1cm from the pattern piece of the neckband.

Centre fabric from The Remnants Bin. Sleeve fabric from Fabricabrac.
Centre Fabric from For Fabric Sake and the sleeve fabric is from Fabricabrac.
Gnome fabric sourced in Paris.
Black sweat shirting fabric (under sequins as well) from The Fabric Store. The sequins are from Ribes and Cassel in Barcelona

As the sequins are non-stretch I added 5cm ribbed gussets to the body of the sequins. I followed this tutorial by By Hand London. I won’t be sewing sequins in a hurry as they are a bit tricky! but I love the sweater.


I’ve previously made Paul Hudson pants and have written about a short hack here.

His stuff always falls out of the pockets of his Hudson pants so we tried a different style of side seam patch pockets. He still has the same problem with these ones so next time we will try zips.




I made Paul a raincoat! A detailed blog post is available to read here.


I also finished a third bomber jacket for Paul. It was inspired by a ready-to-wear jacket we saw in a menswear boutique. I used this pattern which I’ve made twice. I added the cuff length onto the sleeve length and added a neckband. It was sewn in a similar way to the bomber jackets but the fabric was much trickier to sew!


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the menswear I’ve been making lately. It’s been fun designing and sewing new pieces for Pauls wardrobe.

Happy sewing


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  1. Wis says:

    Wow Emma, these are all fabulous makes!


    1. Thanks Wis! I’ve been far more adventurous with my menswear makes lately. The silver jacket was started last winter so I was determined to get it done. Back to sewing for me!


  2. PoundCake says:

    Ah, all beautiful! That silver bomber really takes the cake but I love the sassy t-shirt collection, too!


    1. Thanks! I was really thrilled to finish that jacket it was TRICKY to make! He always chooses gorgeous materials for his T-shirts. They are fun to sew!


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