Second take: McCalls Bomber Jacket 7637

The last bomber jacket I made Paul has become one of his favourite items of clothing.  So much so that he requested another one. After much deliberation we couldn’t decide on the perfect combination of fabrics, so the project went on hold.


The Fabric Store recently released a new range of Liberty Cotton Twills, I went to check them out with a bomber in mind. A swatch of this fabric made Paul’s eyes light up. He was drawn to the different shades of blue and the Van Gogh style print.

We purchased 1.5 meters for the outer and polyester satin crepe for the lining. The ribbings came from my stash of rib knits and the zip from Made Marion Craft.

Prepare for lots of photos as I’m thrilled with this project. Jackets are my favourite item of clothing to make. Also spoiler alert I made the jeans too – blog post pending!







The bomber came together over three weeknights of after work sewing. I spent time fitting his original version and I’d made the appropriate changes to the pattern pieces. So this jacket felt like an easy sew. Next time we will take in the jacket at the side seams and also through the lower arms.


This jacket has the best pockets! Which I line for comfort. I sewed bar tacks at the corner of each pocket. I added a hanging loop at the back neckline of the jacket as Paul has a coat rack at work.


I think it’s awesome that I can now make Paul T-shirts, Sweaters, Jeans and Jackets. Sometimes I remind myself that this isn’t the norm. I feel such a connection with what I wear that I couldn’t imagine it any other way.


I recently organised a menswear challenge and the lovely Andrea and Glen participated with Paul and I. Andrea made Glen his shirt and I made Paul his T-shirt and Jeans. It was a great afternoon spent over a beer chatting sewing, board games, cats, work etc. I feel lucky that we/I have met so many people over a shared love of textiles and sewing.


There has been lots of sewing for Paul lately but don’t worry I have lots of selfish sewing planned! Stay tuned for more!

Happy sewing

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  1. Fab sewing, you both look very cool together. I’m not sure my boyfriend would approve if I made us coordinating outfits 🤣


    1. Thanks Lewis! It’s a great pattern and Paul really loves the style. Haha we love to match.


  2. PoundCake says:

    Your guy has a great eye for fabrics! These combos are amazing and your sewing looks on point too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! He has great taste in fabrics! especially expensive ones 🙂 I learnt heaps putting his first jacket together this one came together easily!


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