Jazz Jumpsuit

6 years ago Paul wanted me to buy this jumpsuit. I wouldn’t – and ever since I’ve never worn a jumpsuit. Well the Jazz Jumpsuit has made me think differently! Jumpsuits are easy to throw on and wear like dresses.


This year a few sewists I admire made the Jazz Jumpsuit which piqued my curiosity.  Kirsten Sews Things and this version by Chloe @fabruikku

Kirsten and I have a similar body shape and when I saw her version I gasped. It was so beautiful. The photos on her blog don’t do it justice as the fabric has beautiful movement.


Although the Jazz Jumpsuit pattern has lots of volume in the right drapey fabric it looks effortless – a look I aspire to when it’s hot. I made my version in a navy Tencel twill from the Fabric Warehouse. Tencel is perfect for this pattern. It doesn’t crush and swishes perfectly. Backstreet Bargains sell Tencel cheap. If you’ve bought some, let me know if the quality is good! 

This jacket/jumpsuit are one of my favourite combinations.

The pattern came together easily and suits my 165cm proportions. To make it easy to get in and out of I added a single button at the top back and sewed a loop closure.


The jumpsuit has an open back which makes it easy to slide in and out of. It’s surprisingly bathroom friendly!  This is secretly the reason why I’ve always been against wearing one all these years!


Kirsten recommended sewing the straps to the side seams so then they don’t need to be undone during said bathroom trips.


I have a pronounced tummy and I found the gathers accentuated this. Instead, I sewed box pleats and left the gathers around the back of the garment. I find this a lot more flattering.


This pattern has something like 90 pages and no A0 option. However, the designer has a page printing option. That way you only need to print what you need. I love this option and wish more designers did this.

Jazz has been a fun addition to my wardrobe and regularly get compliments when I wear it. I thought it would be a man repelling but Paul loves it. Sometimes I do listen to his suggestions – even if it’s 6 years later! I haven’t worn this garment to work yet so might try it on casual Friday. I’m planning to make other versions of this pattern in the future and other jumpsuits.


I do need to learn how to style jumpsuits. If you have any tips please share them with me.

Happy sewing!

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