Lucent Visor

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I like sewing things which are slightly challenging and borderline man-repelling. A visor fits the bill perfectly. I love how a visor can be made modern through a shift in fabric to take it from bland to a  designer item.

I’ve had the Lucent Visor by Pattern Fantastique on my to-do list for a couple of years. Sourcing Marimekko Fabric from Bolt of Cloth inspired me to add this project to my summer collection. As the pattern doesn’t require much fabric I managed to squeeze this project out of the half meter I’d purchased. I had to cut one of the upper crown patterns slightly off grain but since it’s heavily interfaced I figured it would be fine.


This pattern requires a few items which I haven’t used before including buckram. The pattern calls for 100% woven cotton buckram which is 70 -100 grams metre sq with fusing on one side. You also need Plastic millinery wire and Jewellery crimps. Maryanne from my local store Made Marion Craft kindly put together a kit-set for me. Some of the items weren’t sourceable so we substituted some items. I was happy to give it a go with what we could find.

Pattern pieces cut out. Headband, upper and brim. all interfaced and with sew-in buckram rather than iron in buckram.
Buckram and interfacing attached to all pieces and basted together.
Sewing the bias binding to encase the raw unfinished edge. I used clips as pins would have been impossible to use. Millinery wire was meant to go in the bias binding however it would not clamp together so I left the hat with just the buckram to maintain its shape. It has worked perfectly!
Finished hat after attaching the headband. Look at that sun protection!


I’m thrilled with how this pattern turned out! The pattern wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be and came together surprisingly fast. After constructing it I had to readjust the fit of the headband as I hadn’t accounted for the Wellington wind! I can confirm on even the windiest of days this visor stays on my head.

Kits for the visor have been restocked and are available from the Pattern Fantastique store. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the ‘right’ materials for a project and it’s essential to make substitutes. This time it worked out perfectly!

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  1. Mary Wong says:

    looks great Emma.


    1. Thanks so much Mary! 💚


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