Haori trio

I’ve been on a kimono making spree the last few months. Since my last post, I’ve made three! Two more of the Kochi Kimono and another Wiksteen Haori jacket. Since I’ve been busy sewing – rather than blogging – I have quite a lot to share with you.


Here’s my oldest project – a Kochi Kimono I made back in October. This fabric is a lovely silk noil in my signature green. Silk noil is a mid-weight fabric which can be slightly transparent – like this fabric.

The Kochi Kimono seemed like the perfect choice for this fabric – I have been wearing my first version constantly. I chose the same style as my first version but decided to line the main body of the jacket with a drapey rayon from my stash as I wanted to add a bit of extra body to the fabric. I decided not to line the sleeves as I wanted them lightweight.


This jacket is quite a fast sew! I cut it out while I was cooking dinner and I sewed it together the next day in a couple of hours. I was meeting my sewing BFFs Kirsten and Gabrielle for wine and wanted to show it off to them, so I rushed to get it finished. I cut the lining of the centre back slightly shorter than everywhere else in the jacket. I don’t know why I try and rush projects! Will I ever learn?

At the recent Fabric-a-Brac

I have worn this jacket heaps! I love the light layering of a kimono. It adds an extra level of warmth without being too bulky. I love this pattern so much that I decided to make a third version of the Kochi; this time in a pre-washed pink linen.


Nenuphar Jacket by Deer and Doe

I made a couple of mods to the original Kochi Kimono pattern. First I decided to make the sleeves thinner like that of the Wiksteen Haori jacket.

Second, I added notches to the front band and pockets. I’ve always loved the notches in the Nenuphar jacket by Deer and Doe but I already had the Kochi pattern so I decided to hack this feature.  The notches are a simple feature to add but they make this jacket feel very different from my other versions.

Next I made the pockets bigger – a lot bigger. They are maybe too big! Paul and I went to the movies and I ended up carrying our ice creams, candy, wallets and phones in my pockets! I might unpick the top of the pocket and sew around 4cm of the pocket down.

I had quite a few odd shaped pieces left over from this project which I was JUST able to turn into a Claudia top. I love using my leftover fabrics to make other garments it helps me to create a cohesive wardrobe through similar colours and fabrics.


My third kimono is a Wiksteen Haori jacket. It’s the same pattern as this one. However, this version is lined – as it is meant to be. I used pure linen from Drapers Fabrics for the outer and a cotton/silk blend that I dyed a few months ago. I was wanting to use the inner fabric for a special project as the fabric is so soft! The dye job turned out blotchy so this is the perfect project for it as the rolled up sleeves will generally be the only fabric on display.


I made the pattern as per the instructions using the same pattern pieces as my first version. I did make a couple of changes. The neckband is half the width as the pattern specifies. It also isn’t interfaced. As the linen is quite stiff I didn’t want it to stick up and scratch the back of my neck.

I also wanted the pockets on the inside lining of the jacket rather than on the outside. It keeps the design more streamlined. The jacket can be reversed but I’m more likely to wear it on the linen side.


I hope you like all my latest batch of jackets! I’ve been wearing them all heaps. As I live in one of the windiest cities in the world I always need an extra layer when I leave the house.


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