Paxson’s for Paul

Paul has a lot of Paxson sweaters! He wears one almost every day. Some of his other versions can be seen here. This blog post includes all our minor alterations to the pattern.


On two separate occasions we purchased the fabrics that make up this sweater. When I spotted them together in my stash I knew they would make an awesome colour-blocked Paxson. Both fabrics are french terry which is a loop backed sweat-shirting.


At the recent Fabricabrac – a fair where sellers sell their unused fabric. I found Paul a few different fabrics pictured below including the white printed sweatshirt. The print was described in a way which made me think it would be perfect for Paul. I thought it would be perfect for another colour blocked sweatshirt. I raced around other stallholders and sourced all the fabrics for this project for a measly $10.



As with my earlier version I used fabrics of the same weight. I don’t recommend mixing fabrics you don’t want a fleecy sweater mixed with a summer weight fabric. The print reminds me of Keith Harring’s artworks. 



Paul is now able to achieve a full outfit made by me now that I’ve made him jeans!

Thanks for reading! keep in touch.


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