Product Review: Dutch Label Shop

Recently the lovely Abby from Dutch Label Shop contacted me offering free labels in exchange for feedback. They are also offering you a 15% discount on custom label orders so keep reading to find out more!

The company was set up by friends Arjan and Hielke who aim to help designers, individuals and small companies solidify their identities. Dutch Label Shop manufacture high-quality, customized woven labels, care and swing tags in quantities as small as 30—offering a cost-effective alternative for emerging to mid-sized brands and hobbyists.


I have used Dutch Label Shop Labels for two years. I love their labels and find them really high quality. I had previously purchased labels from another company which I ended up throwing away because they were scratchy against my skin and the label fabric was poor quality.


Thinking back I was pretty excited to get custom labels made. I had been sewing for a while at that point and at times I couldn’t quickly figure out which way round to wear my garments.  When I use to purchase ready-to-wear I would cut the labels out of garments and now I get excited to add them as a way of finishing my garments. I think of a label as a signature on my work.

Dutch Label Shop sell four types of labels—Brand, Size, Care, and Hang Tags. I order Brand labels for my garments as can be seen below.


Fellow sewist Gabrielle from Bibbity- Bobbity-Buttons also orders from Dutch Label Shop. She uses the care tags and to help her remember how to care for garments long term. She marks on the tag the type of fabric and the recommended care instructions.


It’s a really fun process designing brand labels Dutch Label Shop have an intuitive design tool which makes customization easy.  Their basic woven label comes with predefined fonts, symbols, and color options. My chosen labels – see below – are all designed with their predefined fonts and colours. If you want to get really fancy then you can fully customize your own label using your logo.


I chose several different styles for my labels for different garments. I also chose a few different colours so then I can have fun using a different coloured label depending on the colour of the garments. Paul designed the label called ‘Cactus Fashion’ which is a wee joke between us.

I really like to turn my ends of these labels under when sewing them into clothes when I added a logo it added a big gap so then is less turning room on one side of the label. It’s not a big deal but it’s something to factor in.  Meg  from Cookin’ & Crafin’ made a similar comment on her review of her labels.


If you are thinking about purchasing labels Dutch Label Shop are fantastic! Check out their gallery here for more inspiration. They are offering you a 15% discount for the next 60 days. Enter the code emmasatelier15 (all lower case) – when prompted during the purchase process – Promotion no longer available.

Let me know if you place an order!

Happy sewing.

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