York Pinafore

I recently tested the York Pinafore for Helen from Helen’s Closet. This pattern is a winner!


York Pinafore

This pinafore is a modern take on a classic pinafore dress with a cocoon shape and two views. View A features large scoop pockets, a dipped neckline, and comes to the knee. View B is a shorter length with a high neckline and a kangaroo pocket. I am a D cup but I didn’t do the bust adjustment as I’m short waisted.

This version is size medium in a non stretch denim. Depending on your size this pattern uses 1 to 2 meters of fabric.




This pinafore is designed for beginners or people who like a quick sew! The neckline, pockets and open sides are finished using bias binding. I used a pretty bias binding from my stash which I had previously purchased in bulk from AliExpress. The key to bias binding is lots of pressing before pinning it to the garment. I followed Megan Nielsen’s technique for sewing bias binding  (just pretend this is cotton bias – the same principles apply). 


I’ve been wearing my denim version with Melilot shirts and Lark tees. Its currently my favourite weekend dress. The large pockets fit all my essentials, no handbag required!


Before testing this pattern I was planning to make a work-appropriate winter pinafore as inspired by this image. I had started to hack one together using the top of the In The Folds Jumpsuit pattern.

I sourced some high quality woven cotton from a local menswear store sale. It was relatively small pieces but it was satisfying to get a garment out of someone else’s waste. I decided to line my second version with vintage viscose so the fabric wouldn’t catch on my tights.

From the pinafore that I had already started, I cut out the front piece and the back. I carefully matched the seamline so it ran around my body at my smallest point.


I used the same pattern as my first version but cutting the front neckline with view A. The back neckline is using the shape of the In The Folds Jumpsuit. I followed this tutorial to achieve a neat V in the bias binding. It just needs another good press.

20180604_151935 (1)

I didn’t have enough fabric left for pockets but I love this version without.


Here’s a photo of the lining. I sewed the side seams of the lining separate to the pinafore. I then sewed the lining to the inside of the garment. The bias binding encased both the raw edge of the neckline and the armholes.


This is another wonderful pattern by Helens Closet!



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  1. Tammy says:

    This is so beautiful with the lining. I was just thinking I wanted to do the same thing for a thinner cotton fabric. I was glad to see your post to see how you did this!


    1. Thank you so much Tammy. I love making garments pretty on the inside. Underlining would be ideal for your lightweight fabric. You might want to apply a fusing around any areas that may get strained through use. Looking forward to seeing your version ☺️


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