Suki’s for Christmas

For Christmas, I sewed a couple of Suki Kimonos. One for Paul, one for me and one for our ex-tenant Skye. Kimonos are oversized garments which don’t require fitting so make ideal presents!


Since we have a tenant we wear robes around the house when preparing coffee in the morning. I know this kimono would fit Paul as he sometimes wears my one. Kimonos are really a unisex garment anyway! Paul’s Suki Kimono is made from 100% cotton from the  Fabric Store.

Since we are different heights the waistband on our kimonos sit in different locations. Otherwise, I made no other changes to the pattern.


Skye’s family are based in the UK so we wanted her to have a couple of small thoughtful gifts that she could take home with her. I made her a Suki from Batik printed fabric cotton fabric and used similar weight cotton remnants for the sleeves.

As with Paul’s patterns, I decided that being slightly oversized would be fine for this type of garment. Skye was thrilled with her presents which included the Suki Kimono and a pair of cosy slippers.


My Suki was designed to be a beach cover-up. Surprisingly I have worn it heaps as a jacket it feels really effortless to wear. Click here to view the original blog post to see how I adjusted the pattern.



Kimono robes are excellent for gift giving! Either yourself or for loved ones.

I am looking forward to making several versions of the Kochi Kimono once the weather gets cooler.

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  1. Sandeep Beep says:

    Your shoes are amazing in that last picture! The Kimonos are so pretty too 😀


    1. Thanks Sandeep! The shoes are by Gorman they are an Australian brand who design some really cool clothes. Worth checking out. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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