Sewing Room Inspiration

When we bought our house we had a year prior to it being built to design the spaces. A sewing space was a priority for me in one of the extra bedrooms. In our rented apartment Paul and I shared an office which was our plan again.

Sewing space year 1:

Simple desk set up with a small bookshelf for storage. Fabric stored in an ottoman.

Sewing space year 2:

13511032_10157013806390104_717327090617539992_n (1).jpg
This photo was taken shortly after we had moved into our home.

Sewing space year three:

A more established set up.

From past experience, if I don’t have a set up for my hobby that I enjoy using I won’t make time to create. I need a space that is organised and practical. Having a disorganised messy environment creates a mental barrier for me.

This post features images, design ideas and links to other creative spaces that I find inspiring.

My main sewing design is a solid 1200 mm long x 500 mm wide desk which I purchased from Freedom Furniture a couple of years ago.

When picking a desk choose one that doesn’t move when nudged. You don’t want to be overlocking at top speed and have your machine bouncing around.  Try to avoid sewing on a table that moves when you sew as it can damage the timing on your sewing machine.

In my new sewing space I knew I wanted the following :

– pegboard wall for scissors.

– hanging display for bobbins.

– thread hanging rack.

– a bookshelf in a closet to store fabric on.

– a wall display of inspiration pictures.

These images served as inspiration for me:

Inspiring Sewing Closets

Inspiring Small Sewing Spaces

The images above inspired my sewing space.As did Katie’s beautiful sewing room. Click the link to see more photos of her sewing room.

Sewing room

I love her pattern display inspiration wall.

Tidy desk, spools of trim displayed, scissor storage rack.

Tidy, small stash.

Megan Nielsen’s perfect workroom.

Tilly and the Buttons have a great series showcasing sewing spaces.

I’d love to know what serves as inspiration for your sewing space.

Part two coming soon!

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  1. I have a corner of the living room near the window for most of my sewing but honestly it’s spread out like a amoeba all over the apartment. I tried to keep it contained to no avail! Sewing is a space suck but what’s making it even worse is my inability to get a handle on my compulsion to buy patterns and fabric! I’ve extended my participation in the 2018 RTW Fast challenge to fabric and patterns (and shoes 🙂 ) No patterns or fabric or RTW in 2018 and if I’m successful I’m extending it ’til my 65th birthday (Nov 2019 🙂 ) I think I can do it. I have so much gorgeous fabric and interesting patterns just waiting for me.


    1. Wow that’s awesome Kathleen! What a great challenge! I’m hoping to sell fabric some at our next Fabric-a-Brac event and the rest I’ll use. I’m trying to be more thoughtful about what I add to my stash. It sounds like you have a great set up at home.


    1. Thank you so much! 💕


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