Safran Jeans

 It seems that third times a charm! My first pair of jeans, the Ginger Jeans were a hot mess, my second pair of jeans, also Safran I have worn heaps even though they have always been too small. This time my jeans turned out perfectly!


I purchased 1.2meters of Gerald denim from Drapers Fabrics. The denim is perfect for the Safran Jeans as it is 97% cotton with 3% lycra. If you want to purchase fabric from Drapers Fabrics the 15% discount that they have offered my readers still applies! click here to read more.

I purchased 1.2 meters of denim which turned out to be JUST enough!

I was really cutting it fine!

This time I cut my Safran Jeans to a size 42 I measured as a size 40 so hopefully I don’t regret this decision! I knew it would be easy enough to size down if the fit needed adjusting. I wanted a simple black denim jean with a few nice details so I left the topstitching black. I purchased some Tula Pink Space Otter Fabric from a local store for the pocket lining fabric.



From my last pair of jeans, I learnt that I needed to move the back pockets up to sit higher on the butt. For the back pocket design, I sewed a double arrow design in a long stitch. As my machine doesn’t like topstitching thread I normally thread the needle with double the amount of thread which gives the stitch the appearance of topstitching thread. I have recently discovered Ben Viapiana on Instagram he sews jeans for a living and creates beautiful finishing on his jeans. He also has this great method for sewing a zipper fly I’m planning to follow this method next time as the Deer and Doe instructions are a bit confusing.


I decided not to add belt loops to my jeans as I never wear belts and this would add unnecessary bulk to my midsection.


Unfortunately, I sewed the zipper fly extension to the wrong side but it doesn’t bother me enough to fix.


Pattern: Deer and Doe Safran Jeans

Fabric: 97 % Japanese Cotton Denim with 3% stretch from Drapers Fabrics. Tula Pink Spirit Animals with Otters.

Size: 42

Alterations: remove .5 from the crotch curve. Depending on how they wear the leg from the knee down could be slimmer.

Needle: Jeans/Denim needle.

Resources: zipper fly  method.

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  1. Sandeep Beep says:

    I’m surprised that they only take up a little bit of material. I have a denim remnant (1.6m) which I had planned to make a cleo with, but maybe jeans are a better idea. 😀


    1. Go for it Sandeep 😀 please make sure that you check the grainline. Also if you haven’t already make sure you prewash your denim. You got this! 😎😄

      Liked by 1 person

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