Salme Kimono Tee

In summer of 2016, I discovered a big gap in my wardrobe. I didn’t have enough interesting tops for my work/life rotation. I purchased the Salme kimono tee and quickly made four in quick succession with silk remnants I had been collecting. This pattern is one of my ‘go to’ top patterns as it only needs a meter or less (normally 80cm is enough) of fabric. The kimono shape removes the hassle of fitting sleeves  when working with silky fabrics

Here are the different versions I have created. Most fabrics were purchased from the Fabric Store.


I really like the wide facing and armbands on this pattern it finishes the garment off perfectly.


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  1. handmadephd says:

    That pattern officially went on my list of patterns to check out! Love it.


    1. Awesome! I love a great T&T pattern.

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  2. Sandeep Beep says:

    I have just bought the pattern after seeing your collection of beautiful tops!


    1. I hope it becomes a great staple for you as it has been for me. Happy sewing!

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  3. Beautiful silk tops! I’m a huge silk fan 🙂 and I’m always on the lookout for just the right pattern for silk – this one is definitely a winner!


    1. Thanks Kathleen! I hope it works well for you as it has for me. Do you have any favourite patterns for silk?


  4. Zéphine says:

    the sea printed one (previous last) is by far my favorite, I’ve a crush on it since the irst time I saw it on IG! Not that the other aren’t nice, they all look lovely, but that one is just perfect.
    I’m always reluctant to by “simple” pattern, but I realise that the simple piece might be the hardest to get right, and it worth the cost when it become a ” go-to pattern like this one…

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    1. Thanks lovely! The landscape top is one of my favourites. The Fabric is so gorgeous it feels like I’m wearing a painting. I hate buying simple pattern too! But have come to realise they have a place in my pattern collection as I like wearing simple garments. Salme patterns are nice and cheap which is always good. 😊


  5. Christine Birchall says:

    I’m definitely buying this pattern after seeing your wonderful creations. I’ve been using silk a lot lately. Fussy to see but worth the effort. Salme sends to NX I’m guessing or did you download the pattern?

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    1. Christine Birchall says:

      NZ that should read!!!

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    2. Looking forward to seeing your versions Christine! I bought the pattern as a PDF pattern. It’s an easy one to tape together. 🙂


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