Celestial Dress

I came across the pattern designer Pattern Fantastique through my friend Blogless Anna. Nita-Jane the pattern designer of Pattern Fantastique stocks a range of beautifully drafted patterns and kits in her store.


I have been admiring the Celestial Dress pattern for a while. It is a simple pattern that allows a number of options depending on the fabric selected. By searching the hashtag on Instagram I’ve seen versions of this dress in denim, wool, silk and linen. My versions are all rayon with the bodice section in stretch cotton offcuts from my recently made trousers. I love wearing rayon in summer. Rayon is a wood-based fibre so remains cool.



I sewed size 12 and made a few minor alterations. From my first version, I widened the front bodice of both the skirt and top at the centre front as the top was slightly pulling on my chest. I also added 5cm to the width of the sleeves in order to completely cover my bra straps. After my first trial dress, I decided not to add the pockets to my next two dresses as the fabric is too delicate to hold heavy items. I  find the pockets slightly too low for my height (165cm). I would consider adding them in if I make another version in a heavier weight fabric.



The bodice top of the sleeveless version is put together using the burrito method. If you haven’t tried the burrito method you must! This method creates a beautifully neat finish.



In this drapey fabric, it was difficult to neatly sew the facings down with soft shifty rayon. After my first attempt, I decided that the stitch in the ditch method would be the most effective option.

I got a bit carried away and made three versions of this dress in one weekend! Last year we had a very cold summer so I didn’t make many summery items so my closet needed a few items that would keep me cool.

Paul and I at a recent beer festival.

Hopefully, I’ll have lots of occasions to wear my maxi dress. The rest of the time I’ll be living in the shorter versions of this dress.

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  1. handmadephd says:

    Ohhhh I really like the how the top is cut out. It looks modern.


    1. That’s what I love about it too. You can also add sleeves but I think they would be too bulky wearing under cardigans.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. handmadephd says:

        Sleeves I think would be too odd. I love the sleeveless.


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