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During the month of November, I documented and shared my outfits on Instagram. The process of documenting and reflecting is a great tool to reassess my sewing needs. I have been trying to thoughtfully create garments that suit me and fill holes in my wardrobe.

Below are photos of the garments in day order. I will include the name of the pattern and a link to my blogpost below the image.

Day 1: Melilot blouse and  Berlin skirt

Day 2: Rachel Wrap dress

Day 3: Kielo Wrap dress

Day 4 Saturday:  Inari dress and cropped Blackwood cardigan

Day 5 Sunday: Catarina dress and RTW T-shirt

Day 6: Vintage dress hack and RTW jacket

Day 7: Inari dress and RTW jacket

Day 8: Rachel Wrap dress and Astoria cardigan

Day 9: Elmira cardigan and Inari dress

Day 10: Guise pants and Salme Kimono Tee

Day 11 Saturday: Marilla Walker dress, Melilot Blouse and Hampton Jean Jacket

Day 12 Sunday: Safran Jeans, Waver jacket and top.

Day 13: Waver jacket, Ida Clutch purse and Farrow dress

Day 14: Salme Kimono Tee, Blackwood cardigan and Simplicity 1371 pants

Day 15: Nita Wrap skirt and RTW top

Day 16: Kielo Wrap dress

Day 17: Inari dress and Hampton Jeans Jacket

Day 18 Saturday: Fen Dress and Blackwood Cardigan

Day 19 Sunday: Safran Jeans and Melilot blouse

Day 20: Sew House Seven Tee House dress and RTW jacket.

Day 21: Salme Kimono Tee and Simplicity 1371 trousers

Day 22: Salme Kimono Tee and Berlin Skirt

Day 23: Vogue 1247 skirt, Melilot Blouse and Ida Clutch bag

Day 24: Kielo Wrap dress, Hampton Jeans Jacket and Ida Clutch bag

Day 25: Marilla Walker dress and Salme Kimono Tee

Day 26: Vintage dress and Elmira Cardigan

Day 27: Salme Kimono Tee, Blackwood Cardigan and Winslow Culottes 

Day 28: Simplicity 1371 trousers and Melilot Blouse

Day 29: Sigma dress and cropped Blackwood cardigan 

Day 30: Hemi dress


Top patterns for the month:

Blackwood cardigan, Salme Kimono Tee, Inari dress, Melilot Blouse


Number of items worn

Dress: 19 dresses worn

Tops: 9 and 5 blouses

Skirts: 4 – less than I was expecting!

Pants: 7 – more than I was expecting!

Jackets: 8

Cardigans: 8

Number of RTW items worn: 4

Favourite fibres: Cotton, wool and linen

20171202_194529.jpgThanks for reading and for following my month of handmade outfits. At the end of the month, I have removed a few items from my wardrobe which I no longer wear. These will be given to my mum or friends.

Pictured are a top and skirt which have been altered from dresses which had fit issues or were a poor fabric choice.  It’s great to breathe new life into these two items which will become part of my regular rotation.

Kirsten and I are planning on taking part in the 10 x 10 challenge in January so this information from this month will help me decide on my garments for the challenge.

If you liked this month let me know by leaving a comment or a ‘like’.


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  1. Anne-Rose says:

    Hi Emma! I think this is a great idea, I did a similar exercise after purchasing the curated wardrobe book, taking pictures really helped me to reflect on my outfits. I’ll be looking forward to your 10×10 challenge (it’ll be the depth of winter here in Rotterdam, so it’ll be nice to see some New Zealand sunshine!)


    1. Thank you Anne-Rose. I’m excited about the 10×10 challenge. It’s great to hear that you found the curated closest book helpful.


  2. I love your “Hemi Dress” BUT I couldn’t find the pattern online and you didn’t include a link 🙂 I was fascinated to see all your makes at one go! Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kathleen, I’m glad you love my Hemi dress it’s one of my favourites too. I haven’t gotten around to blogging it yet so didn’t include a link for it. The pattern company is Named Clothing. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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