Seamwork Elmira

20161127_141254When Seamwork released the Elmira pattern I wasn’t sure if the design would suit me. When Jess posted her version it inspired me to try it. I love the style, it’s perfect for the office and for light layering. I have already purchased fabric for another two; a deeper green and a plum merino.

When I make a new pattern I always hold the pieces up against my body to get an idea of the sizing. From this, I decided to lengthen the front and back pieces by 3 inches. I spent a bit of time trying to figure out the instructions as it isn’t a standard wrap cardigan pattern with a hole at the side. Instead, it wraps around and has internal hoops or snaps (I used snaps as it was much less fiddly).

I’m impressed by Seamwork’s current collection of patterns. The patterns are affordable and they release two new patterns each month. Due to the speed of production deadlines, I do think they sometimes skip important details that would help improve the longevity of the garments. I added a few extra details:

  • I sewed cotton tape into the shoulder seam so then it doesn’t stretch.
  • I also ironed thin interfacing on the bias seams of the front seams and on the back neck and hemline. So sew easy has written a great post on using knit stay tape here if you are interested.

The two front pieces are double lined and the back is a single piece of fabric cut on the fold. I finished the back hem and neckline using a twin needle.


The snaps are at the right-hand side of the cardigan. Here it’s worn with my Deer and Doe Melilot blouse and a Nita Wrap Skirt blogged here.

Fabrics: Merino

Findings: Thread, snaps, iron on interfacing, cotton tape,

Cost: Grey cardigan  $12   Green cardigan $40

Size: M with extra length added


This photo is taken at Clear It in Melbourne. Go there if you’re in Melbourne! I’ll be posting about our trip soon.

Thanks for reading, happy sewing.

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  1. I love your emerald Elmira cardigan! In the New Year, I hope to make another in a thicker fabric than my last one, something solid colored like yours, maybe in a blush color. I also added some stay-tape to mine. It helps keep everything nice and neat! Lovely!

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    1. Oh lovely! A blush color would go so well with the other colours in your closet!


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