Seamwork Paxson Sweater

I love a good quick project which I can achieve in an evening. The Paxson Sweater by Seamwork is perfect for Paul. It takes twenty minutes to cut out and an hour to put together! I’ve made eight for him now in different fabric prints. He complains that the hardest thing is trying to decide which one to wear each morning.

These two jumpers above are merino sourced from NZ Merino and Fabric. The bottom left one is a Liberty print from The Fabric Store. This print sold out on the second day! I was lucky to get 1.5 m resulting in a jumper for Paul and a cropped version for me. The other two are merino from The Fabric Store. If you choose a 1.5 m wide fabric you only need 1.2 m of fabric which results in a very well priced jumper!


I sewed the whole jumper on the overlocker then added ribbon to inside of the back neckline. It’s worth adding this detail as it means that your neckline doesn’t stretch out of shape. If you don’t use stabilizing in your knit garments you should give it a go! It makes your clothes wear better and doesn’t take much time. Check out this video to learn more.29226820526_fa1cc4edf8_k

IMAG2668.jpgWhich is his favourite jumper? It’s the Liberty one! His plain black jumpers get the least wear. Paul really enjoys the process of selecting the fabric for me to turn into a garment.

Size: Medium

Alterations: I decreased the width of the waistband and I removed a 1cm from the neckband and cuffs to make it slightly more fitted.

If you’ve never sewn for your partner you should give Paxson a try!





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  1. pcasan says:

    Yeah, It’s perfect for Paul. Well done, Emma ❤ I really like to see your job!
    I've tried to make this sweater for Raphael but I didn't achieve my goals. The first one was small (M), the second a little bit larger in the arms (L) and the 3rd I couldn't finish because I had to move from Nz.
    But I bought a new fabric to try it again hehehe 🙂
    And I found a pretty nice ribbing here in Brazil.

    ❤ ,


    1. Hi Pat I hope the pattern works for you on your third try. Looking forward to seeing what you make 😊 I hope you are having a great time being back in Brazil 🇧🇷.


  2. Tiffany says:

    I love this sweater. I’m looking to make this for my husband but I can’t find the arm length anywhere. Do you happen to know it?


    1. Sorry Tiffany I have only just seen your question. Please let me know if you still need help. 🙂


      1. Tiffany Prystay says:

        No worries. I ended up adding 2 inches to be arms as my husband is a tall, lanky man and it fit perfectly!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awesome! Great to hear that the pattern suited him.


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