How to change an overlocker blade

My overlocker is an essential sewing tool. Having owned it for a few years and having sewn a few hundred garments on it I thought it might be time to replace the blade.

I asked friends the following question : “How often should you replace the blade on your overlocker?”

Maryanne:  When you get the feeling it is chewing not slicing your fabric!

Me: Hmm that’s what the internet told me! I’ve had my machine for 2 years and it’s had over 100 things sewn on it so it’s probably time for new blades?

Leimomi: Sounds about right! I try to do mine yearly, but I sew a lot.

So I decided to replace the blade. Here’s what I did:

  1. I ordered the blades for my machine from Trademe (The New Zealand version of Ebay)
  2. Found a flat head screwdriver (you might need a different screwdriver depending on your machine)
  3. Rotated the blade to get easier access to the blade
  4. Unscrewed the existing blade
  5. Replaced the old blade with the new one using the screwdriver
  6. Rotated the blade back to it’s original position and gave the machine a throughout clean.

28710439284_607e0724d8_m  29333397245_0c7e15420a_z

The inside of the machine –   Unscrewing /reattaching the blade

Let me know if you replace your blade on your machine. Did you notice a difference?

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